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The NATIVES OF BERGAMO TEAM collect a lively group of designers who live and work in various cities. One addresses to all the barbers whom they want to emerge in the professionality, entering in the élite ones of who it is destined to to have happened, and of those who in a world as that one odierno, in continuous and fast evolution, wants to be able to preview the changes of the mode and to become some craftsmen, also affinando the own manageriali abilities.
NATIVES OF BERGAMO TEAM are not a school of professional modernization for barbers, but it is a new and various formula in order to not only become true hat professionals, but also of trick, fashionable, of cure of the image, without to neglect the entrepreneurial aspect of the job that comprises the marketing and the communication. All this is possible thanks in the participation to several activities: from the paraded ones to the show, the exhibitions in footrest to the seminaries.
To enter to make part of the Team of the Affilies of NATIVES OF BERGAMO TEAM means to undertake a way in order to arrive to the “quality total” of the Service, through: it continues improvements and creativity and style modernizations, participation to the appointments technical/prati to us, materials aimed and excluded to you to you, strategic instruments of communication and quality control.

ANDENA - Hairdressers in Lodi and Pavia

Aware of the value of the engagement dedicated to the search of new tendencies, David collaborates with “the Oréal” to the realization of show formed to you for the colleagues. For being always to the step with the evolutions of the fashion, the diamond designer loves to experience new styles and to be confronted with the colleagues, first of all the brother Alexander, admired hairstylist that it manages the hall pavian of the group “Andena”. The creations reflect estro and the talent of this educated and kind professional, skillful to carve and to reinterpretare the last tendencies of the fashion and to model them based on the only characteristics of every woman, favouring some desire of living the hats in full freedom, without to renounce to an unconstrained and refined aspect.
The ability to put just comfort the own hosts is one of the main characteristics of seven professionals who place side by side David and they follow it in occasion of show that the designer organizes with “the Oréal” and the “Andena Clubs”. The philosophy that spirit the staff I found myself on the principle of the exaltation of the only and personal style of every woman, that it becomes the absolute protagonist, object of attentions and cures, because passes well-being moments while he is host in the beauty hall.


STYLE the abstractionism of the style becomes ephemeral of forehead to the personal beauty of every woman. Every person is only, with an own essence that attends of being extrapolated and being noticed. The true tendency would have to be in knowing to advise the harmony in the look.
Every woman feels just comfort with if same if rispecchia the woman ideal whom she has in head. Often this operation turns out difficult, but never impossible. The true tendency is in listening other people's desire and to transform it in harmony.
Being a lover of the buongusto, Lorenzoni loves to surround itself of “beautiful things”, and all that is clearly obvious from its hall where they coexist day-dreams architectonic pieces of antique dealing and elements to you minievils. Sprizza brightness and rigor, seems a drawing-room enriched from the chiccheria.
The PERSONAGE Has the very clear ideas on that he is and on that he wants. The philosophy of Roberto Lorenzoni is enclosed in the elegance that, to seem its, is integrating part of the being, grows in way proporziona them to its observation, and us tired never not to watch itself. The buongusto it is the key guides of the bravura of a hair stylist, only the hairdressing salon with buongusto knows to giostrare the own bravura creating with infinite quality and putting molding on true beauty.
Better a badly made cut but that it is truly bene.che viceversa!
The DESIGNER Roberto Lorenzoni feels hairdressing salon to 360°.
Designer of the Oréal professionnel, has cured paraded for Horses, Swarovsky, Dior and many others. For he the hats are the vehicle in order to widen the creativity on the woman and the man, spacing in the image and advising GLOBAL - BODY.
It objects to you: Not to never stop to grow, the mission of Lorenzoni is like that one of the Leopardi: a matta search and disperatissima with a careful observation of the world that encircles it.

HAIR STUDIOMARIO - Hair Fasion Hairdressers Viareggio (LU)

HOLDERS AND DESIGNERS: Innovative and dynamic, the designer Mario Stagi manages the new hall of Viareggio and the Academy of formation, inaugurated 4 December of 2005. Shining designer and entrepreneur, Mario Stagi has devised in every detail the plan of franchising “HairStudioMario” and the scissor “Swan”, patented instrument that she allows to realize only cuts, light and dynamic.
The stilistiche abilities of Mario Stagi have been demanded from the most famous photographers, which Oliviero From Tuscany, Gianpaolo Barbers, Grandfathers Meroz, Michael Conte, Patrix Demarcellier, Herb Ritts, Walter Chini and Bern Stern.
Its creations have been admired in the world of the cinema and the television, let alone on the most famous world-wide footbridges of the fashion, which “Versace”, “Dolce&Gabbana”, “Trussardi”, “Romeo Gigli”, “Ferrè”, “Krizia”, “Baroque Rocco”, “Mariella Burani”, “Byblos”, “Max Mara”, “Cerreti”, “Coveri”, “Vivienne Westwood”.
STYLE Of the ATMOSPHERE: Professionalities and competence are essential qualities, availability and courtesy is distinction elements, but also the pleasant and refined atmosphere is an element important in order to make yes that every customer always feels just comfort and the center of the attention.
Situated in the zone more prestigious than Viareggio, the multifunctional space receives the hairdo units, a zone bar, where the customers are invited to sorseggiare a drink or to entertain themselves in pleasant conversations, and the restricted area to the Academy of formation, created in collaboration with “the Oréal”, where they are promoted course specific for operating of the field. Refined and luminous, the space reflects the impeccable style of Mario and fascinates for the refinement of the linear furnishings, the essenzialità and the originality of the details, which the splendid Harley Davidson of the designer, than troneggia immancabile on one platform it mails in the restricted area to the formation course.


Pellini is not alone the name of the holder of the hall, Pellini is not only the standard that Aldo appears on the display windows of the Run central Moro to Varese. Pellini is more, a way than to be and living the profession of the hairdressing salon. To enter to make part of this truth means to join where to a staff that it works and it collaborates in synergy, but the personality of everyone finds space and freedom of expression,
and everyone is valued for the own abilities and competences. A group strong, consolidated and grown in the time following the example of Alfredo Pellini who is successful to transmit and to instill they it pride and I privilege to feel “Pellini”. The esteem and the confidence of which this professional it enjoys sin from 1970 are sign of one winning philosophy that it not only heads at the quality of the service, but on the humanity,
the courtesy and the serenity in the relationship with the customers. Alfredo, in the course of the career, has had way to comb personages of enunciates of the world of the show, but that that more the entusiasma is to be able to offer councils and advising to the women who to he entrust themselves. Just in order to supply possible the most complete service, in the space of 400 m2, from the slanciate and luminous shapes, it has been recently prepared an area well-being with equipment “Integrèe”, a center aesthetic tanning and eight cabins for treatments of and the cure of the ace, in order riscoprire, therefore, connubio indissolubile between health and the beauty.


A group that with seminaries, shows and you meet abroad formed in Italy and ago living to you in directed to all the participants emotions and feelings of cut and color.
Santilli System Academy is one company for barbers constructed on the bases of the working experiences of the international designer John Santilli, known from all for its passion for the instruction and the formation, and for the effectiveness and the superiority of its educational method of this profession.
The artistic direction of the group is entrusted the designer trentenne Christian Leuzzi, than with its passion for that it defines “a wonderful shape of art”, it has inside transported of the Santilli System Academy positive and propositiva energy.
In the course of the years, for the dedication and the engagement, Christian it has obtained acknowledgments and gratifications all over the world.
The main objective of every program of formation Santilli System Academy, is that one to develop the artistic creativity of the barber, its professionality and mainly its personal motivation, therefore to transform the participants in image advisers.
A screening careful on the evolution of the field, it allows Santilli System Academy to transmit to the barbers the information and the slight knowledge necessary in order to have a different and innovative point of view based on the tendencies of the moment, in order to anticipate the innovationes and to intuire the styles and the tendencies that will come.
The creativity and the style are in the spirit and in the hands of every barber and thanks to the formation supplied from the Santillisystem team, Euroquindici hairdressing salons exalts your professionality and valuing your talent and your artistic ability, it succeeds in to supply to the customers services to an ONLY price!

PALAZZOMELZI - wellness & concept store

Giovanni Zanafredi, from years asserted in the world of the fashion, has matured a formation that is born from teatrali and television experiences. True professional of the beauty, is the point of reference of one equipe of proven experience. Professional of hair styling the Giovanni Zanafredi dictates tendency in innovative way and originates them, interpreting the image of everyone and exalting of beauty and personality, putting to point collections of cuts and colorations with expiration they ages. A particular attention comes given to the advising and study of image, harmonizing cuts and colorations, techniques and products to high technology, like the exclusive and innovative treatment “Hair-Gloss”, polishing capillary. In just the hall, Giovanni Zanafredi, moreover proposes services of cure of the cute and the hat for every requirement and problematic, with the aid of products of last generation, of she marks international and of proven quality. To who it wishes one total confidentiality and intimità PalazzoMelzi proposes “Well-being space”, an exclusive, classified space to an only person, where to be able to have use of of an only and special treatment.
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